See How Alfa Laval Products Fit into Your Food Equipment Process

Alfa Laval ServicesAlfa Laval’s sanitary processing equipment is designed to keep up with the demands of the growing food industry. Created for easy adaptation for sanitary processing trends, all Alfa Laval hygienic food equipment addresses four primary challenges faced by producers:


  1. Delivering food products at competitive prices
  2. Maximizing raw materials
  3. Decreasing waste and emissions
  4. Supplying safe and hygienic food products

Reduce waste and optimize performance with properly configured Alfa Laval sanitary process equipment. To help see where Alfa Laval products fit into your process they have designed a series of interactive process charts.


Choose from a variety of processes and drill right down to a specific product to learn more.


  •  Soups & sauces
  •  Dressings & condiments
  •  Tomato
  •  Soy-based
  •  Baby food
  •  CIP

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