See How One Bakery Saved 75% with Pump Rebuilding + Process Improvement Compared to Buying New


During a recent unexpected failure at a major Midwest bakery, Rodem was able to repair a failed pump to get production back up and running, and to provide recommendations that would help prevent future downtime.


  • ¬†We identified issues with five positive displacement (PD) pumps in the production line.
  • ¬†We evaluated, rebuilt, and provided pump and process suggestions to help prevent premature failures.

Our technicians followed these steps:


Rodem Pump Rebuild Sanitary Process

1. Identify the Issues. Our technicians identified process issues that were contributing to the premature and repeated failure of the pumps.


  • ¬†They recognized that pump operation RPM was leading to cavitation that caused failure on the pumps.
  • ¬†They also realized that the facility was using pump seals which were incompatible with their processes.

2. Improve Processes to Reduce Damage. We made two process modification recommendations to reduce damage to the pumps:


  • ¬†Lower the operating speed of the pumps to prevent cavitation and extend the life of the pumps.
  • ¬†Change the pump seal materials from EPDM to Viton to avoid future pump seal failures.

3. Rebuild the Pumps for Longer Life and Higher Efficiency. Rodem rebuilt the pumps to get them operating to factory specifications. 


With that maintenance, plus the implementation of the recommended process changes, there have been no subsequent pump failures. The pumps are now running at a higher efficiency and have a longer expected service life than before the maintenance window.


The best part?


Short and Long Term Savings. The bakery saved 75% off  the cost of buying and installing new pumps immediately.


Plus, had the bakery installed new pumps of the same type and continued using their existing processes, the expected service life of the new pumps would have been greatly reduced as well.


That’s why when the time comes to replace existing pumps, Rodem treats each case individually and makes sure the newest and best processes and technologies are in place..  We also check to see if rebuilding (or refurbishing) is an option.


The bakery now enjoys improved productivity, extended life expectancy of existing pumps and a reduced chance of pump failures that would cause unscheduled production interruption.


Emergency Pump Repair = Unexpected and Costly Downtime


Sanitary pumps are a key component of any food production facility. When they fail, production lines come to a halt, products often go to waste, and profitability plummets. Keeping pumps in proper working condition is essential to efficient food production. With the proper maintenance and repair, unexpected failures can be minimized, saving money in the long run.


Rodem specializes in the repair and rebuilding of sanitary, food grade pumps. Our factory certified technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to quickly analyze and fix problems in food production equipment. When pumps show signs of wear and failure, our rebuilding services are able to save our clients at least 20% to 25% off the cost of buying new pumps and extend the operating life of the pumps by 3 times.


Pump Repair and Rebuilding Services Support Peak Performance by:


  • ¬†Reducing or eliminating unexpected equipment downtime.
  • ¬†Increasing ROI on existing pumps and equipment.
  • ¬†Preventing failures that lead to lost products.
  • ¬†Extending the working life of pumps and other processing equipment.

Maintenance Time Instead of Downtime


Scheduled maintenance windows allow production facilities to perform necessary repairs and replacements with minimal effect on production time. These routine maintenance procedures are scheduled at your convenience and can be performed during non-working hours to ensure no unexpected downtime, resulting in a loss of production.  


To be effective, service personnel must have the experience and knowledge needed to accomplish all of the necessary repairs during the scheduled maintenance window.


  • ¬†Through maximizing the benefit of maintenance windows, we provide:
  • ¬†Complete maintenance and repair services.
  • ¬†Supplemental personnel for large maintenance activities.
  • ¬†Training of the company‚Äôs personnel.
  • ¬†Rapid diagnosis and reporting of equipment issues.
  • ¬†Analysis of issues that could contribute to future problems.
  • ¬†In-stock repair parts to avoid time spent waiting for shipments.

The Rodem Difference


Whether it’s a scheduled maintenance window or an emergency shutdown, Rodem has the tools, training, and experience to get production lines back up and running quickly.


1. Sanitary pump rebuilding service begins with a careful inspection and a full report on the condition of the sanitary pumps.
2. The report gives a detailed description of the necessary repairs to be performed, and their associated costs.
3. Production facilities know up front how much repairs will cost, and how those costs compare to new replacement pumps.


On average, Rodem’s customers save around 20% off the cost of new pumps.¬†Rebuilding greatly extends the service life of pumps, and increases ROI for the production facility. Rebuilt pumps operate longer at factory specifications, making them a great boost to the production facility‚Äôs equipment investment.


Refurbishment is another option, which generally saves Rodem customers between 25-75% off the cost of buying new pumps.  Learn more about refurbishment here.


If production lines aren’t running, production facilities are losing money. Sanitary pump rebuilding and refurbishing services keep pumps running at peak efficiency, extend the pump‚Äôs service life and prevent unexpected and costly pump failures.


Are your pumps in need of repair or are you considering buying new pumps? Like the bakery client in this case study, you may be able to save money in the short and long term too.  Learn more about Rodem’s pump maintenance and repair services or contact us to see how these services can help.

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