SRU & SX Pump Upgrade to Prevent Contamination Issues


We are pleased to announce a long awaited product announcement on behalf of the Alfa Laval SRU and SX Pumps. From now on ALL SRU (models 1-4) and SX (models 1-4) will be supplied with a stainless steel gearbox as the standard offering. These models will no longer be available with the white gearbox.


Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump


The all stainless steel offering reduces potential contamination issues in the process environment by eliminating the possibility of broken epoxy paint flakes and rust. In addition to minimized contamination risk the new design will hold up better to harsh cleaning and foaming chemicals used on the plant floor.


The larger pump models, the SRU 5-6 and SX 5-6 will be released in 304 stainless steel in early 2017. In the meantime, Alfa Laval will work to provide a more uniform look and use grey paint instead of white. For more information on this product upgrade contact your Rodem representative