The Ultimate Glossary of Sanitary Fitting Nomenclature


  •  Initial Letter B: BioProcessing Equip STD
  •  Number Type: Ell, Tee, Adapter, etc.
  •  End Type: W=weld, M=ferrule, mp
  •  Size: in inches or 100s of inch (1/2” = 50)
  •  Material: 304, 316, AL6XN

Fitting Number Designation



  •  Clamp/End                   Number 17
  •  M NPT/W                      Number 19
  •  F NPT/TC                      Number 22
  •  M NPT/TC                     Number 21 
  •  Thermowell                  Number 23


  •  Concentric:                   Number 31
  •  Ecentric:                        Number 32
  •  Flanges:                         Number 38

Elbows:                                      Number 2

  •  C is a 90 degree bend
  •  K is a 45 degree bend

Tees:                                            Number 7



Crosses:                                      Number 9



Clamps:                                      Number 13




  •   Male:                             Number 14
  •  Female:                          Number 15

End Caps:                                  Number 16



End Type Designation



B                             After number=Bevel Seat
W                            Weld
M                            Ferrule
MP                          All Ends Ferrule
R                             Reducing (Tee, Ferrule, Lateral)
V                             Schedule 5
X                             Schedule 10
NPT                        National Pipe Thread


Tee:                         Left, Right, Top (i.e. WMM)
Cross:                     Left, Right, Top, Bottom (i.e. MMWT)
Lateral:                   Left, Right, Lateral (i.e. WWM)
Y:                             Bottom, Branch, Branch (i.e. MTP)



Ferrule Designations


Clamp Systems
M/S/Clamp:              Tri-Clamp
I/Z/EYE:                    I Line (Flat Loose Gasket) Wide Clamp
HI:                             Thin I Line (Uses I Line Gasket) (Tri-Clamp Clamp)
Q:                              Q Line (Tri-Clamp Clone Thicker Ferrules)


Threaded Systems
B/BS:                        Bevel Seat (Gasket Loose)
JP:                             John Perry (Gasket Fits Over Male End)
APC/APV/K:            APV Fitting (Gasket Fits Into Threaded Nut)
DC:                           Similar to APC (Gasket Lower Profile)


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