How to Recover 99% of Products in Pipes with Hygienic Pigging Systems

Do not flush usable product down the drain. Recapture up to 99% of high value food, personal care and other highly viscous products with hygienic pigging systems.


In their most basic form, pigging systems for the food industry, and other hygienic applications consist of a “pig” being transported through a pipe or tubing by pressure behind it (compressed air, water, or another force depending on the application) that is used to push remaining product in the pipe to its designated destination (filler, mixing, etc.). Pigging systems in the food industry are proven methods of recapturing usable product while offering a host of other benefits including improving cleaning times and decreasing waste costs. One of the most important components in the hygienic pigging system is the pig itself.


Pigging System’s Dynamic Seal = 99% Recovery


Industry leader, LIAG has designed a dynamically sealing hygienic pigging system that eliminates any potential for dilution or product contamination while recovering over 99% of product in your pipes.


LIAG’s uniquely designed DMV pigging system works with a 2-seal lip pig and has a homogeneous hygienic design. It offers excellent cleaning effects and are virtually free of wear. Two dynamic lips form a reliable seal with the pipe wall., the action of pressure and counter pressure then forms the seals to the pipe wall, compensating for minor deviations in the pipe geometry. The pigs are highly flexible and can pass tight radii (R= 1.5 x D). Dynamic lip pigs are optionally equipped with a magnet for location and control.


Minimize Product Loss & Maximize Product Recovery


Liag Pigging System product recovery

Hygienic pigging systems are designed to recover residual product from process piping in a variety of sanitary industries including food, beverage, personal care, and dairy processes. If the product is not recovered during the sanitary pigging process, then it would go to waste and be flushed down the drain during the facility’s cleaning process.


Hygienic pigging systems for food and other high purity industries help producers keep up with production demands by recapturing significant usable product from process piping. The result is drastically less waste and more end product to sell for consumer consumption. On top of decreased waste, properly designed hygienic pigging systems can also add to the bottom line by assisting in process streamlining, leading to boosted efficiency and greater uptime.


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