Ampco Blender Delivers Consistent Batches & Increased Efficiencies

Achieve repeatable and uniform product batches while reducing process times with Ampco’s SBH Shear Blender. More than ever, processors feel the pressure to keep up with the demands of evolving consumer ingredient trends and to deliver consistent, high quality end products all while maintaining tight production schedules and improving efficiency. The SBH Shear Blender is your answer to complex mixing demands while ensuring uncompromised product integrity and processing efficiency.



SBH Shear Blender Advantage:

  • ¬†Delivers uniform batches
  • ¬†Ensures consistent, repeatable batches
  • ¬†Decreases processing time
  • ¬†Customizable design for maximum impact
  • ¬†Front-loading mechanical seals

Close Clearances = Maximum Shear-Area:


The SBH is the best blender for improving process time when medium to high shear is desired. The blender maximizes shear-area by having several rows of rectangular teeth that mesh with each other at close clearances. The greater number and expanded rows of rectangular-shaped teeth with radial slots for the higher shear rates result in efficient high shear blending capacity.



mpco Sanitary Blender SBH Features:


  • ¬†High Shear Levels
  • ¬†316L Stainless Steel Heavy Wall Construction & Shaft
  • ¬†Cast and Machined
  • ¬†304 Stainless Steel Adapter
  • ¬†Dynamically Balanced Impeller

SBH Performance Overview:

  • ¬†Models:¬† 6
  • ¬†Max Flow Rate:¬† 200 GPM / 45 MŠĶĆ/hr
  • ¬†Seal Specifications:¬† 2 Seal Options

Successful Installation:


Ampco Pumps stands behind their promise to deliver improved efficiency with the SBH Blender. Our partner, Ampco supplied a food processor making gravy for pre-packaged meals with the SBH V520 as a mixing solution.



  • ¬†The challenge was to achieve a mix without lumps and reduce processing times.
  • ¬†The result was the mixing process shifted to a single pass with a reduction in total processing time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes!

All SBH Shear Blender models can be customized upon request based on your exact application requirements. Trials, rental, and leasing options are available. Contact your Rodem representative for more information on efficient blending solutions or to schedule a consultation or trial!

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