Are you Wasting Money on Replacement Gaskets?

A gasket is a gasket, right? Well, not in all cases. We hear this assumption from customers all the time.  While at times it may be true, there are also circumstances where investing in a higher cost material may mean real savings in the long run. A Midwest dairy recently discovered an annual estimated $70,000+ of hard savings from simply swapping from Viton to TufSteel on filter gaskets.


The following numbers are based on a five-day production week to account for downtime and CIP. Also, assuming that Viton gaskets are discarded at each filter change, as was happening at this particular plant. 

Hard Savings:


Approximate Viton I-Line Gasket Cost:$3.00
TuffSteel I-Line Gasket Cost:$15.12
Number of Gaskets per Line:8
Number of Times per Day Viton Gaskets are Replaced (2 Hour Intervals):12
Number of Times per Day TufSteel Gasket is Replaced:0
Number of Production Days per Week:5
Viton Gasket Cost per Week per Line:$1440.00
TufSteel Gasket Cost per Line:$120.96
Savings after 5 Week Period:$7,079.04
Hard Annual Savings for Line (Assuming Monthly PM on TufSteel):$73,428.48


As you can see, although the initial investment per TufSteel gasket is more than four times the cost of the original Viton gaskets, the payoff long run is truly a significant savings. In addition to these proven savings, there are additional soft savings too!


  • ¬†Save Time for Replacing Gaskets
  • ¬†Less Product Loss
  • ¬†Improved Product Integrity because TufSteel is Metal Detectable

Are you wasting money and time on replacement gaskets? Call us to see where you may be able to capture savings too! 


Check Rodem’s variety of quality gaskets and see which one fits your needs!

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