Axiflow STS Food Grade Pumps: One Pump for All Your Production Needs

The Axiflow Sanitary Twin Screw Positive Displacement food grade pump is unlike any other  pump on the market. Created in partnership with Jung Process Systems, the Axiflow STS line combines American innovation with the precision of German engineering. This new series of pumps sets a new standard for pumps in production and processing facilities. Whether its food and beverages, cosmetics,  pharmaceuticals and personal care, or any other consumable goods, the Axiflow STS series provides superior performance.


Unlike other pumps that use lobes or circumferential pistons to provide the pumping action, the Axiflow  pump uses dual screws to provide conveyance through the pump. This pumping technology has been around for over a century, and has been proven to provide outstanding pumping action. It was not until Jung Process Systems helped to develop the first sanitary, twin-screw pump in 2003 that it was able to pass both EHEDG and 3A. Advantages of twin-screw pumping technology include:

Axiflow Tachnologies
  • ¬†Ability to handle a wide variety of viscosities: widest range of Viscosities with the same pump (up to 2.5 million cps)
  • ¬†One of few technologies that can handle multiphase products
  • ¬†Lowest NPSH requirements of any PD pump
  • ¬†The widest range of pumping speeds (up to 4000 RPMs)
  • ¬†The widest temperature range (up to 425¬įF)
  • ¬†Fully CIP-able AND able to generate velocities to perform CIP
  • ¬†Ability to run dry for hours!
  • ¬†Ability to pump up to 60% air
  • ¬†Truly Bi-directional Pumping Capability
  • ¬†Smooth, virtually pulse-free delivery of product
  • ¬†Ability to delicately pass up to 2.5‚ÄĚ soft solids

Wear Resistant Stainless Steel Construction


All Axiflow pumps are constructed for 316L stainless steel.  All wetted parts and the entire bearing housing are completely machined from billet.  This eliminates any issues that other pumps have with different thermal expansion rates between different materials of construction and combinations of cast vs. machined components.  Additionally, Axiflow offers a wide range of seal options and various hardened surfaces to aid against wear from abrasive products.




Assembled in the US, all pumps in the Axiflow STS line maintain 3A and EHEDG certifications. These certifications ensure that the highest levels of hygienic design  are maintained during the pumping process.




With its wide range of operating speeds (up to 4,000 RPMs) and variable screw pitches, the Axiflow STS food grade pump can handle most material viscosities. For everything from water for CIP to ground beef for food production, the Axiflow STS can handle it all. The Axiflow STS pump is ideal for:


  • Cultured & Greek Yogurt Axiflow STS pump
  • ¬†Sauces & Marinades
  • ¬†Salsas & Dips
  • ¬†Mayonnaise & Salad Dressings
  • ¬†Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream & Cream Cheese
  • ¬†Butter & Margarine
  • ¬†Cheese Curd & Delicate Cultures
  • ¬†Natural & Processed Cheese
  • ¬†Peanut Butter, crunchy or smooth
  • ¬†Pie fillings & Frostings
  • ¬†Ground Meats & Poultry
  • ¬†Fruit Purees and Slurries
  • ¬†Syrups & Concentrates
  • ¬†Spent Grain & Delicate Yeasts
  • ¬†Prepared Meals like Macaroni & Cheese
  • ¬†Pharmaceuticals/cosmetics/personal care products


The Axiflow STS pump provides flow rates from 0.1 to 1,450 gallons per minute, handling viscosities from <1 to 1,000,000 cps. It provides discharge pressures with up to a 725 PSI differential. With its high suction and low NPSH capacities, the Axiflow STS is perfect for long lines and containers that are hard to empty.


The All-in-One Pump


With its wide range of operating speeds, different screw pitches, and available configurations, the Axiflow STS pump is the ideal pump for nearly any processing facility. It can pump a wider range of materials at a wider range of speeds and pressures than other pumps on the market. If needed, it can even pump those materials in reverse, or be run dry.

Axiflow STS pumps have an extremely wide range of operating temperatures, product viscosities, pump speeds, and output pressures, making them an all-in-one solution for processing facilities. Constructed of long-lasting stainless steel parts, these pumps suffer minimal wear, reducing the cost of spare parts and repairs. These pumps improve processing, while also helping to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.


Learn more about the Axiflow STS pump and its qualifications. Contact us to speak with a Rodem representative to see if the Axiflow STS pump is right for your sanitary processing application.

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