Control Operating Costs with Alfa Laval Valve Service Kits

Alfa laval Mixproof Valve Service KitAvoid costly downtime for unplanned maintenance with Alfa Laval preventative maintenance schedules and genuine spare parts. The risk of component failure resulting in a breakdown is virtually eliminated and operating costs are lower over time with a solid plan for scheduled valve maintenance, in combination with authentic Alfa Laval parts.


Plan Your Budget & Downtime


Performing scheduled valve maintenance, combined with genuine spare parts from Alfa Laval saves you money by avoiding unexpected, expensive downtime.




  •  Simplify the ordering process. Each Service Kit contains all the spare parts you need, rather than a list of individual items.
  •  Consolidate stock numbers. Each Service Kit has a single part number, so there are fewer stock numbers to manage.
  •  Reduce Costs. The price of the kit is less than the total price of the individual items.
  •  Minimize spare parts inventory. Service kits eliminate the need to carry a large spare parts inventory.

Use the safest, most cost-effective approach for valve maintenance and stick to the manufactured recommended guidelines and genuine Alfa Laval parts.


Don’t rely on corrective maintenance. Get a quote from Rodem on your Alfa Laval valve service kits and start controlling costs today!