Extreme Clean, Minimal Maintenance— A Sanitary Substitute to a Full-Port Ball Valve

The Laufer free flow shutter valve is an ideal sanitary substitute to a full-port ball valve. Designed according to hygienic guidelines, the Laufer free flow shutter valves meet the most stringent demands for sanitary processing applications.


Laufer valves are optimal solutions for viscous and pasty products or liquids containing solid particles thanks to their design, which allows for:


  •   Totally clear passage
  •   Easy and thorough cleaning in place (CIP and SIP capability)


An uncomplicated but powerful design ensures minimal maintenance with a limited number of components and wearing parts, resulting in long-lasting and dependable operation. All parts are easily accessible and replaceable as the valve is designed to be completely dismantled, even when welded in place.


Laufer Free Flow Shutter Valve

As a full port valve, this product offers a wide variety to food, dairy, beverage, personal care and other high sanitary processing applications, including:


  •   Eliminates pressure losses with totally clear passage
  •   Designed to be passed with DMV lip pigs
  •   Maximizes gentle product handling


To get more information on this EHEDG certified, 3-A and FDA compliant shutter valve from Laufer, contact your Rodem account manager!

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