How MixProof Valves Can Add to Your Bottom Line

MixProof valves have been used in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years. However, the PMO standards have not allowed for the full benefit of MixProof technology until 2007.  While the MP valve technology is designed to eliminate cross contamination, the benefits don’t stop there. MixProof valves can save you money on processing costs, thus adding to your bottom line.


In order to understand how MixProof valves can reduce processing costs, we must first understand their design. Simply put, the MixProof valve has two seats within the valve versus the traditional single seat. This allows for separation between the fluids and with an exit area between the two seats in the case a leak does occur. This creates a positive method for preventing the two different fluids from contaminating one another.

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There are five key areas within production that create savings from the MixProof valve technology: 


1. Manpower Savings 


Implementing MixProof valves means elimination of swing connections. This allows for faster changeover, easier product to product transition and easier product to CIP transition. 


2. Product Waste Reduction


Additionally, when you eliminate swing connections you eliminate drip points and minimize product waste. MixProof valves allow the product to be flushed to the destination. 


3. Faster Changeover


With faster changeover from MixProofs, you eliminate the need for total system cleaning and can clean each system individually. This creates increased utilization of assets and creates greater scheduling flexibility. Plants can be modeled to run 24/7, and tanks and piping can be turned over faster. 


4. Elimination of Process Cross Contamination


Swing connections have the potential for error, and single seat valves can allow products to mix in certain conditions and create issues. MixProof technology eliminates the need for manual swing connections and is designed so that in the event of a system interruption and potential for mixing, the product simply leads out the valve chamber opening. 


5. Extension of Shelf Life


MixProof valve’s impact on extended shelf life is a combination of factors: system design (easier to clean), valve design and elimination of swing connections. When you eliminate swing connections from your process, the system does not have to be opened after cleaning, reducing the bacteriological contamination that occurs when exposing the system to plant air and human contact.


MixProof valve technology has been tested, proven and accepted by the PMO and is becoming the standard, particularly in dairy processing facilities. The change is being driven based off of payback and product improvement.


Are you ready to switch? Contact us today to learn more about MixProof valves and their payoff.

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