How Modular Skidded Systems Maximize Efficiency & Yield, While Minimizing Downtime

modular skidded system

Modular skidded systems from Rodem’s SaniSmart Solutions team house entire processes within a single solution and compact footprint. While solutions vary from simple pumps on carts to custom, complex systems, the impact of maximum efficiency and minimal downtime is consistent with each.  Here are some of the biggest benefits of modular skid systems from Rodem’s SaniSmart Solution team:


  • Minimize Downtime & Disruption: Because skidded systems are built offsite before tying into the rest of the process, the installation is less disruptive to production schedules. Less downtime for installation results in greater up time for production and adds immediately to the bottom line.
  • Maximize Space: Large expansions do not have to result in a crowded plant floor. Skid systems are designed to make the most of existing space, allowing producers to boost production and efficiency within the existing footprint.
  • Optimize Quality Control: Trusting a contractor who specializes in sanitary design and skidded system results in superior quality control. Additionally, offsite fabrication means a controlled fabrication environment for optimal quality control and minimized risk of contamination.


Learn more about the different types of skid systems we offer and the benefits of each.


Rodem’s SaniSmart Solutions team can design, build and install a system with minimal impact on processors tight production schedule. Our goal with modular skidded systems is to maximize efficiency and yield, while minimizing downtime and keeping great sanitary design in mind. Talk to your Rodem contact to learn more about skidded systems.

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