Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity with Custom Skid Systems

Skid Systems Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other sanitary processors constantly strive for manufacturing flexibility, expandability, and reliability. In many cases, modular, skid-mounted systems that create single production units fulfill these requirements more effectively than traditional production methods 




Skids are simply frames built to carry and secure machinery and equipment. A skid system incorporates all the parts ‚Äď including instrumentation and controls ‚Äď into a single, connected location in order to carry out a specific task. Common skid-mounted systems include clean-in-place processes, blending, heat transfer, and more. In most cases, skid systems are built off-site, usually at the supplier‚Äôs facility. They are designed as ‚Äúplug and play‚ÄĚ modules, with little welding or other construction required to complete installation. They are simply attached to power and water sources and put to work.


Rodem can design and build all types of skid systems for sanitary processing:


  • ¬†CIP/Steam In Place
  • ¬†¬†Filtration and Separation
  • ¬†Ozone
  • ¬†¬†Isotonic
  • ¬†¬†Aseptic Process
  • ¬†¬†Hot Fill
  • ¬†Mixing & Blending (continuous, high-shear, powder, liquid, etc.)
  • ¬†Clean-in-Place
  • ¬†Thermal Process
  • ¬†Heat Transfer

Advantages of Skid-mounted Systems


Skid systems often are the answer for manufacturing companies facing a variety of challenges including:


Time and budget constraints¬†‚Äď Because they are constructed in the controlled environment of Rodem‚Äôs fabrication facilities, skid systems often require less labor and installation time than on-site construction. Reduced onsite fabrication ensures a quick install of your skid-mounted module, so your equipment is online and ready to begin processing with little line down time.


Limited production capacity¬†‚Äď Rodem can engineer skid systems with compact footprints to maximize your plant‚Äôs floor space. A customized skid system allows improved processing efficiency while working within the space constraints of your current processing environment.

Plant expansion¬†‚Äď Skid-mounted modular options can effectively complement your current operation. They can be cost-effective options for plant expansion and work well when on a time sensitive schedule.

Changing customer requirements¬†‚Äď Increased globalization and specialization guarantee tomorrow‚Äôs successful sanitary processing facilities will be responsive to changing product demand, market conditions, and government regulations. Skid systems can easily be adapted to meet specific mixing, batching, heating, cleaning, and other adjustments without the need for overhauling production lines.


The Right Skid System for Your Process


Rodem offers CIP water, steam, and air delivery systems that may meet your requirements with no or few custom modifications. Our standard CIP system designs include tanks, pumps, valves, piping, and controls with varying volumetric sizes, circulation rates, and single or multi use applications. 


For unique challenges, Rodem‚Äôs engineers can create a skid system with additional functionality and custom features such as solution feeding, heating and recovery.¬† Request a consultation below to serve your plant’s skid system needs.¬†


Why Choose Rodem?


Rodem’s customer service professionals will work with your in-house managers to analyze your production challenges and decide whether a skid system is the answer. If so, we will develop a skid-mounted solution and build it to your exact specifications. Thanks to our partner relationships with the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, Rodem remains on the cutting-edge of industry developments, regulations, technological developments, and best practices. Rodem builds this extensive sanitary industry insight into every service we perform and solution we create for our customers.


The skid system we deliver to your facility will be installation-ready, increasing your efficiency and capacity with minimal down time.


Contact us today or call (800) 543-7312 to learn more about how a skid system can cut your costs and improve your productivity.

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