Improve Batch Times with High Shear Mixers

Scott Turbon Mixers

In today’s rapidly changing world, sanitary processors know that the pressure is on to cut costs while maintaining tight production schedules and product integrity. High shear mixing equipment from Scott Turbon Mixers has been proven to boost productivity and improve batch time. 


Eliminate Processing Bottleneck


Typically the bottleneck on the production floor is at the mix tank. Incorporating a high shear mixer can move the bottle neck from the mix tank to the packaging line.


High shear mixing is different from other forms of mixing in that it uses a rotating impeller, rotor, or a combination of such, moving at a high rate of speed (above 18 fps) to effectively transform raw electrical energy into useful mechanical energy to “work” the fluid.  Most high shear mixers operate in the 20-25 meter/sec range (60-75 ft/sec).




The design of each Scott Turbon head simultaneously draws product from both the top and bottom of the batch while dispersing product rapidly throughout the tank. The unique mixing head provides great horizontal and vertical batch flow, ensuring that the product will be evenly sheared and dispersed. High shear mixing technology is a proven solution to rigid production schedules.


  •  Reduce batch times
  •  Increase yield
  •  Improve product quality
  •  Enhance product stability & appearance



High shear mixing is applicable across all sanitary processing industries; sauces, creams, lotions, gels, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more. It can be used anywhere when anything is being mixed. The best applications for high shear mixing solutions are:


  •  Dispersions Agitator mixer parts
  •  De-agglomerations
  •  Dissolutions
  •  Suspension
  •  Reaction acceleration
  •  Particle size reduction
  •  Homogenization
  •  Emulsification

If you are looking to increase efficiency in your process, talk to a Rodem representative to see if high shear mixing from Scott Turbon can help!

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