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Anderson Negele Level Switch

If your process includes viscous, foamy or low conductivity fluids the LS Capacitive Level Switch from Anderson Negele could be a valuable addition to your sanitary process. The LS Level Switch can help streamline manufacturing efforts with reliable detection, protect equipment downstream and eliminate process interruptions.


The LS series capacitive point level switch is designed to provide reliable product or no product sensing in a compact sensor suitable for a wide range of applications and installations. Particularly suited for detection of water based (>25%) liquid media independent of conductivity in vessels or process tubing, the LS level sensor excels in high viscous applications.


Proven Solution


The LS has proven itself as a reliable solution to detect the presence of product in piping in order to protect downstream pumps and eliminate unforeseen production interruption. Anderson Negele was asked to provide a revised solution to vibrating “tuning fork” level switches on a dairy’s yogurt culture tank discharge lines.




The plant was using the existing switches to automate changeover and/or shutdown as tanks emptied. However, the plant wasn’t always getting an accurate empty signal due to the viscous nature of the product that was bridging across the forks. This would cause the discharge pumps to run dry and interrupt downstream production when they ran out of product unexpectedly.




Anderson Negele supplied LS Sensors that require a change in capacitance in order to trigger, rather than relying on a change in the frequency of vibration with the competitive sensors. The LS performed flawlessly in this application and signaled the moment the pipe was no longer full. The result of reliable detection was eliminated pump and production issues downstream, which ultimately improved efficiency.


Typical Applications

  •  Pump protection
  •  Empty or full vessel indication/alarming
  •  Level detection in pipes and vessels
  •  Presence/absence of product in pipes
  •  Low conductivity fluids (liquid sugars, deionized water, etc.)
  •  Foamy or viscous fluids (syrups, concentrates, etc.)

The LS Capacitive Level Switch is your answer for reliable level detection in challenging viscous, foamy or low conductivity applications. Contact your Rodem rep to learn more about this solution.

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