Skidded Systems for Winery Brings Producer Up to Code & Minimizes Installation Downtime

When a well-known process engineering firm approached Rodem to bid a wine filtration skid project, we knew our fabrication facility, technical capability and access to industry leading, high-quality products at competitive prices made us the perfect fit for the end user and design firm.


The end user, a US headquartered, Fortune 500 wine and spirits producer was looking to enhance production capabilities and modernize their existing systems to meet current industry regulations at one of their California facilities. The wine producer hired an engineering firm to design the process and Rodem partnered with the design firm to provide a complete solution.


The Scope


The project package included several different skidded systems with nearly 200 separate valves and instruments, pumps, controls, filtration and heating equipment, tanks, process piping and more. The skidded systems that Rodem fabricated were added to the final steps of the winery’s production process to serve as:


  •  A surge tank
  •  Two filtration skids that provide a two-step filtration process on each skid
  •  A wine recovery system

Rodem’s relationship with industry leading process equipment manufacturers ensured we could access the engineering firm’s specked products at competitive prices as well as source the wide variety of equipment and installation materials required for the various skids.


Our team of skilled fabrication technicians was able to execute the assembly and construction of the winery skidded systems effectively and accurately all in a controlled environment that resulted in no impact to the winery’s ongoing production schedule.


The Impact


When possible building offsite and tying in during a scheduled time almost always provides benefits to the producer. Our team was able to:


  •  Bring the wine producer up to current codes and standards
  •  Increase production
  •  Minimize downtime

The team from the winery was onsite at Rodem’s fabrication facility to work with the controls team to pre-program and test valve controls before the skids were shipped. This helped further minimize any downtime on the production site for testing and programming. The anticipated tie-in time for the winery to incorporate the new skids to their existing system is only a few days’ time.


Our engineering and fabrication team were happy to partner with the engineering firm to provide this updated solution to this large winery and spirits producer, but we also offer the capability to provide complete engineered solutions in-house.  Whether it is skidded systems or on-site construction our team can provide smart sanitary solutions, with old fashioned service.


If you are considering an expansion, upgrade or new processing capabilities, click below to consult our team of experts.

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