The Evolution of PMO Compliancy and Mixproof Valves

Since our inception Rodem has been supplying dairy processing equipment and continues to meet the need for dairy processing facilities to create high quality products while keeping production costs at a minimum. Our high quality guarantee is supported by the fact that some of the finest milk processing equipment manufacturers have teamed up with Rodem to create one of the best dairy industry services in the nation.



In the early part of the 20th century, milkborne outbreaks were responsible for a quarter of all outbreaks caused by infected water and food. Thanks to the diligent labors of the United States Public Health Service, this condition improved dramatically. Therefore, in order to continue the health and stability of the dairy industry, the USPHS created the¬†“Grade A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance¬†so there would be a written standard. With Rodem, you can be certain that your dairy processing equipment is¬†“Grade A” PMO¬†compliant.



One of the most effective advances in milk processing equipment was the development of mixproof valves, which allowed for the following improvements: 


  1. More flexibility of production
  2. Reduced processing expenses
  3. Greater annual capacity

With mixproof valves, dissimilar fluids in an automated piping system can be safely separated. This allows for production to continue while equipment is being cleaned. In March 2007, however, the¬†“Grade A” PMO¬†approved the use of seat-lift cleaning of mixproof valves whenever dairy products were contained in the opposite housing. With this substantial upgrade to mixproof valve technology, cleaning times were shortened significantly, and separate Clean-In-Place circuits were no longer necessary in order to clean valve seats.


Alfa Laval’s CP-3 Mixproof Valve Alfa laval CP-3 Mixproof Valve


Rodem is able to provide you with one of the most exciting new mixproof valves available in the marketplace‚ÄĒthe¬†Alfa Laval CP-3 mixproof valve. This innovative new product has several advantages:¬†


  1. Easier cleaning because it only has two seals in the valve chamber
  2. Contamination eliminated because of leakage chamber
  3. Reduced floor space required because of the leak detection vent’s smaller size

[Watch: Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valve: Increase Production, Maximize Floor Space & Resources] 

Professional Support Personnel at Your Location


One of the great benefits of partnering with Rodem is the fact that we will provide you with expert support personnel all throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Our account managers, customer service team, process engineers and service personnel will give you dependable local support and assist you with all of the needs.  From installation to  repair, system integration to spare parts we are able to get the best results.


Are mixproof valves exactly what you need in your processing facility? Get a Consultation today for more information.  

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