Unlocking Productivity: Exploring the Advantages of Alfa Laval Mixproof Valve Solutions

Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves eliminate the risk of cross-contamination in your sanitary process because of their double-seat design. These Mixproof valves require minimal maintenance and feature double lip seals to allow for safe and hygienic operation, improving efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers.  

Enhancing Plant Flexibility & Efficiency 

The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valve represents a shift in flexibility, productivity, and efficiency, particularly within the dairy, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. By allowing for the flow of two different fluids through the same valve without the risk of cross-contamination, Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves allow sanitary processors to maximize production while minimizing downtime. 

How it Works

Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves are double seat processing valves which were developed to allow for the simultaneous flow of two liquids through the same valve. They do this by using two separate plugs and seals to separate the flow of these liquids while preventing cross-contamination. The space between these valves’ seals helps to form a leakage chamber at atmospheric pressure that will function properly in all working conditions.  

A Valve to Meet Your Processing Needs  

 Alfa Laval’s Mixproof Valves require minimal service and maintenance. The modular design of the Alfa Laval Mixproof Valve guarantees these valves can meet your unique processing needs. A single mixproof valve can eliminate multiple valves in your process through allowing the simultaneous flow of two liquids through the same, highly customizable valve.  

Benefits of Alfa Laval Mixproof Valve Solutions

America’s sanitary processors turn to Mixproof valves for reliable and efficient fluid transfer, other benefits of Alfa Laval unique Mixproof valves include: 

  • Cost Effectiveness 
  • Spillage-Free Operation 
  • Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning 


Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves represent complete reliability in sanitary processing. With its double-seat design and double lip seals, these Mixproof valves effectively eliminate the threat of cross-contamination, ensuring the integrity of your processes.  

The enhanced flexibility and efficiency brought forth by the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valve are able to meet the needs of the dairy, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The valve’s minimal maintenance requirements and spillage-free operation underscore its commitment to cost-effectiveness and productivity.  


Learn more about Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves here.  

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