Alfa Laval LKH Prime

Alfa Laval LKH Prime

  • Higher pump efficiency & bigger energy savings
  • Hygienic self-priming pump meets all standards for sanitary processes
  • Quiet & efficient with operations with 80% less noise & 60% more efficiency than other liquid ring pumps
  • Reliable & easy to service and maintain


For elevated pump efficiency and great energy savings potential, choose the Alfa Laval LKH Prime self-priming pump. Pumping process media and handling CIP duties containing entrained air are simple with the advanced design with air-screw pump technology. This reduces capital investment and adds versatility. Like the Alfa Laval LKH pump range, the LKH Prime meets the most stringent requirements in the food, dairy, beverage, home and personal care industries.


An UltraPure version of the LKH Prime is EHEDG-certified, quiet running, high purity and meets all strict industry standards the pharmaceutical and biotech industry’s applications for liquids containing air.


  • Optimal versatility for tank emptying and CIP return applications
  • Minimal process contamination risk – sanitary design, FDA-conforming materials and pre-defined compression USP class VI elastomers
  • Boosts yield and sustainability – use of energy, cleaning media and hydraulic design slashes energy costs and CO2/waste chemical emissions
  • Improved uptime and reduced maintenance costs – strong mechanical design and ease of maintenance with modular front-loading seals
  • Decreased capital investment – designed for CIP duties containing entrained air but can also pump product media, eliminating the need for additional pump
  • Quiet operation compared to other technologies, providing a safe working environment for plant operators


A member of the LKH pump portfolio, the Alfa Laval LKH Prime centrifugal pump combines advanced air-screw technology, optimized impeller and casing geometry for


  • quiet, reliable operation,
  • increased energy efficiency,
  • a reduced carbon footprint.

Its superior quality and performance improves operational productivity. Engineered from a solid bar without welds for smooth finish, the air-screw meets rigorous sanitary standards. The pump is engineered and built for CIP return applications containing air/gas and liquid mixture. The long seal life and lack of contamination increase productivity and yield.


Built on the proven LKH platform the Alfa Laval LKH Prime shares many common components with the Alfa Laval LKH pump range including the impeller, which can be trimmed to optimize pump performance according to its application. Dedicated components include the airscrew, casing, re-circulation pipe and cover.


Alfa Laval LKH Prime is a self-priming pump based on air-screw technology. It offers excellent operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption. The pump achieves capacities of up to 110 m3/hr and pressures of up to 115 m head.


Speak with a Rodem representative to learn more about Alfa Laval LKH Prime centrifugal pumps today by completing our online form or calling us at 800-543-7312.

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