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The cannabis infused and extraction industry shares many similarities to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing industries. As acceptance of cannabis infused products become abundant mainstream, processers are met with the challenge of keeping up with consumer demand while maintaining high-quality products, boosting through-put and minimizing production downtime. As formats shift away from cannabis as a flower or bud into more processed forms of oils, edibles, and topical products, the pressure for processors to ensure consumer safety and hygienic processing is greatly increased.


Rodem has been a trusted industry leader for equipment sales, innovative processing solution, and installation services since 1971. Whether you creating CBD or THC infused food, beverage or cosmetic products or producing full-spectrum cannabis oil count on Rodem for your processing needs.


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Extensive Inventory from Leading Manufacturers


Rodem has a reputation for representing product lines from top of the line industry leading manufacturers. We can ensure the greatest product availability at the best price and guarantee the highest quality equipment and materials for your hygienic process. Our large inventory ensures rapid delivery for stocking replacement parts or any break-down repair requirements your cannabis infused process requires.



Efficient Integrated Sanitary Solutions


Consumer safety is at the forefront of all sanitary producers. Our team of process engineers and fabrication technicians not only understand the hygienic industry regulations but helped create the standards the sanitary industry has used for decades to ensure product safety.


Extensive in-plant experience allows our team to bring all pieces of the sanitary processing puzzle together and assemble them into proven solutions focusing on maximizing yields and minimizing product loss. We know your product is valuable and waste is not an option. Our team can recommend solutions to optimize process flow within your budget.



From equipment to design, installation to maintenance and repairs, Rodem has the know-how to make your botanical extraction process work smarter. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.