contractorsSince 1971 Rodem has been providing top-notch equipment and innovative solutions to the sanitary processing scene. Headquartered in Cincinnati, with remote offices within the territory we serve, we regularly cross paths and collaborate with industry contractors and suppliers.


Local Support


In an effort to better serve our customers, we have added to our inventory of stainless-steel fittings and tubing to help support local contractor’s installation material needs. Our team has the ability to supply contractors with the fittings and tubing needed to compete for, win and execute projects. We are committed to open communication with contractor partners and serving our customers.


Industry Know-how & Customer Service


Simply put, we know our stuff! Our CSRs have vast industry experience and know-how. They are familiar with the fitting part numbers, manufacturer contacts, fitting nomenclature, and can hunt down the hard-to-find items. In addition to vast product knowledge, we have a reputation for excellent customer service and rapid turnaround times. Put our team to work for you!


Your Competitive Advantage


Rodem buys lots, and lots of fittings annually. We are able to leverage our purchasing power to get competitive pricing and get it quickly. We are able to pass some of this onto you. Better pricing=your competitive advantage.


On-Hand Inventory


Rodem has fitting and tubing inventory located in warehouses throughout the areas we serve. We can help with the bidding process and fulfill those bulk material orders, plus we have stock on our shelves for those last-minute needs and weekend work. From a few miscellaneous fittings to large project material takeoffs, we can assist with stainless-steel fittings and tubing requirements.


Below please find a few resources available to download that we use in-house. These are helpful when working on fittings quotes to decode part numbers, cross reference manufacturer part numbers and more!



Find more helpful resources here or reach out to one of our CSRs for a quote today.