Rodem Industries Served Food

In order to keep pace with ever-changing consumer tastes, stringent safety regulations, and rapid technological advances, manufacturers depend on Rodem as the food process engineering partner and equipment distributor to deliver the keys to success:


  • The right tools for the job – valves, pumps, mixers, tubing, and other components that eliminate waste and make efficient use of energy, water, and labor.
  • A no-compromise commitment to safety ensuring that the final product is wholesome and contamination-free and employees are protected from hazards.
  • Proactive collaboration and technical process recommendations, drawn from real-world experience designing and optimizing food processing systems.


Specialized Solutions for a Specialized Industry


Food processing equipment is tasked with handling materials of various acidity, viscosity, temperature, particulate content, etc. In addition, your food processing operation faces unique production, budgeting, and marketing environments. While all the vendors Rodem represents use state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques to produce industry-leading quality, each is engineered to solve specific challenges.


Hygiene, Safety & Ergonomics


Rodem’s team of system integrators and customer service professionals boast extensive experience in the food processing industry. They are well versed in food safety standards and understand how process design, equipment, and cleaning technology interact in eliminating cross-contamination and other food safety risks. They continually educate themselves on new hazards, regulations, and plant operations, as well as workers’ personal protection and workflow practices to maintain a safe and hygienic production floor.


Our customers take advantage of Rodem’s commitment to cleanliness, maintenance, and safety precautions. Our experts know, for instance, that Alfa Laval’s tank cleaning systems harness the dual forces of power and flow to revolutionize tank-cleaning operations. They use rotary impingement to both blast particles from tank surfaces and radiate flow to wash away the contaminants.


See Rodem at Work


Visit our resources section to see how Rodem has helped processors discover savings, increase productivity, color code their plants for increased safety, download helpful tools for your plant operations and more in our resources section.


Your Strategic Productivity Partner


Rodem leverages its process engineering experience and supplier relationships developed over decades to recommend, fabricate, customize, and install the equipment and processes best designed and manufactured to support your exact needs.


Not content to simply “make the sale,” our representatives take the time to comprehensively understand your production facilities challenges, and opportunities. Then they develop customized processing solutions that matches your production requirements. They may find a way to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce downtime, boost productivity, increase efficiency, decrease waste and more. From replacement equipment to turnkey solutions, or overhauling or retrofitting an existing production line our team can identify and supply the exact solution for your process.


Count on Rodem’s professionals to devise responsive and responsible solutions that maximize your company’s strategic advantages while overcoming your challenges.


Contact us to discuss how Rodem’s food processing integrators, equipment and value-added services such as customization, installation, repair, and maintenance can optimize your operations and keep them running smoothly.


Some of the Food Processing Equipment We Offer Includes: