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With more than five decades of experience as a distributor and integrator of high quality products and services to the sanitary processing industry, Rodem is your single source supplier for all your life sciences processing needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer unsurpassed products, services and solutions. Our goals are simple, to help customers maximize profits and minimize downtime while providing world class customer service.


Your Strategic Sanitary Processing Partner


Rodem has a history of representing quality product lines from experienced and trusted industry leading manufacturers. As an integrated supplier, we have the ability to ensure the greatest product availability at the best price, and offer a full range of plant services from knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals for your life science process.


Trusted Industry Equipment Manufacturers


Rodem is partnered with some of the nation’s leading equipment manufacturers for the high purity industry. We understand industry regulations and provide all required documentation to ensure compliance for our clients. Some of our most popular brands and offering for the life sciences industry include:



Onsite Industry Know-how


We know that the regulations and standards in this industry are more stringent than other sanitary industries. Rodem has an office located in the heart of the “Research Triangle” of the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area that is specifically designed to serve your industry. Our team of professionals boasts extensive life science experience and can help improve your process, while maintaining compliance and maximizing profits. Trust Rodem with your life science processing needs.


See Rodem at Work


Visit our resources section to see how Rodem has helped processors discover savings, increase productivity, color code their plants for increased safety, download helpful tools for your plant operations and more in our resources section.


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