Rodem Industries Served Dairy

Rodem got its start in 1971 serving local dairy processors, and we continue to lead the way in sanitary engineering, product lines, and service delivery for the dairy industry. Like the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve, Rodem is committed to providing services that play an integral role in maximizing yields, efficiency and shelf lives of the country’s supply of fluid milk and other dairy products.


Rodem shares your zero-tolerance policy for equipment contamination. That’s why we are meticulous about the manufacturers we represent. We are proud of our relationships with companies such as Aquionics, whose UV technology meets the requirements of the PMO for pasteurized equivalent water. The UV lamps provide microbial protection, ensuring:


  • Consumer Safety
  • Brand Protection
  • Improved Shelf Life
  • FSMA Water Quality Monitoring Conformance
  • Sanitary Product Design


Dairy processing requires products specially designed and manufactured to minimize cross-contamination and stand up to constant use. The valves, pumps, homogenizers, tanks, heat exchangers, and other dairy processing equipment we carry are built to the most stringent sanitary standards to meet all regulatory demands.


For decades, Rodem has nurtured relationships with the most respected and diligent manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Many of the products we represent integrate safety with innovation. Alfa Laval’s LKH centrifugal pumps, for instance, feature crevice-free interiors, external seals, optimized impeller design, etc. that provide gentle product handling and optimal efficiency while ensuring thorough cleansing during every CIP cycle. The company’s mixproof valve is a strong safeguard against cross-contamination and saves money by doing the work of several single-seat valves.


Fabricating Efficiency and Productivity


Rodem’s fabrication technicians bring years of experience and full certification for your project. Our proprietary welding process set the standards for sanitary fabrication decades ago and we continue to offer superior craftsmanship to ensure product integrity. But hygiene and sanitation are only the beginning. Our systems integration services add value to your dairy processing operations by increasing productivity, delivering cost-effective solutions, and bringing them online with minimum downtime. With engineers and efficiency experts on hand, Rodem uses the latest technology to design solutions ranging from simple custom fittings to complete skid-mounted systems that eliminate many common processing problems.


Your One-Stop Solution


You have enough to manage without devoting valuable resources to evaluating, selecting, integrating, upgrading, and overseeing processing equipment, repairs, and installations. With Rodem on your team, your entire processing facility is in expert hands. We give you peace of mind knowing our strong vendor relationships paired with our experience make Rodem your single source for all of your design, installation, maintenance, and repair needs.


Using the latest technology, Rodem’s engineers can design complete production lines or modify existing processes to your exact specifications. Whether you need a turnkey clean-in-place system or an expansion of your high temperature/short time pasteurization to boost throughput and energy efficiency, Rodem creates custom designs, quality tested and installed with emphasis on getting your line back up and running as quickly as possible. Rodem’s value doesn’t end there. We can help with:


  • Mixproof Valve Implementation
  • HTST Modification and Training
  • Plant Optimization
  • Mixing, Batching, and Processing
  • In-Line Standardization
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Extended Shelf Life Packaging
  • Unloading Systems
  • Culture Rooms
  • Evaporation


Rodem’s experienced professionals are standing by to help you choose and integrate the equipment and workflow you need to streamline production and eliminate contamination through every step of your dairy processing operation. Fill out the Contact form or call today at 800-543-7312.


Several of the Dairy Processing Products we Offer Include: