Meat & Poultry

Rodem Industries Served Meat & PoultryLet us tackle your meat and poultry processing needs. Whether you are looking for a replacement part or an entire turn-key system, Rodem can support your needs. Our experience in the sanitary processing industry paired with our commitment to making your process work smarter promises results.


Rodem offers the most trusted product lines in sanitary processing at the most competitive prices. We have a network of internal folks who are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions for increasing throughput, decreasing downtime, improving cleaning methods, enhancing safety and sustainability, decreasing waste and more. Beyond our internal team we have strong, historical relationships with the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Some of our meat and poultry systems and equipment include:



Integration Optimized for Process Improvements


Our systems integration team knows your production schedule can offer little wiggle room for inefficiencies. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive team of experienced technicians and engineers to provide process design, installation, fabrication and modular skidded solutions to improve your process with minimal interruption to production.


See Rodem at Work


Visit our resources section to see how Rodem has helped processors discover savings, increase productivity, color code their plants for increased safety, download helpful tools for your plant operations and more in our resources section.


Reach out to Rodem to find the answer to a smarter sanitary solution for your meat and poultry processes. Contact us for more information on you meat and poultry processing needs.